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In 2003, Vinaconex water pipe and fitting joint stock company was established with the mission branded plastic pipes and fittings PPR / HDPE VIWAPICO - Vinaconex penetration and confirmed its position in the market. JSC supplies water sector Vinaconex factory at Lot 12A - Quang Minh Industrial Zone - Me Linh - Ha Noi. The company operates manufacturing business with the following key sectors:
1. Production and sale of materials and equipment Water Sector.
2. Production of plastic pipes, plastic products.
3. Construction of civil, industrial, water supply, industrial power.
4. Investment in real estate business…     

With modern technological lines, synchronization is imported from the Federal Republic of Germany, the products that VIWAPICO production and distribution are standard European EN1220: 2003, DIN8077: 2008, DIN 8078: 2008 and DIN 16 962: 1999. Product brand is VIWAPICO Department food safety certification Ministry of Health safety of food hygiene, to ensure no harmful substances affect water quality. Besides modern production lines, plastic resin raw materials imported by the company from the advanced countries such as Germany, South Korea ... made of plastic pipe and fittings PPR / HDPE branded VIWAPICO - Vinaconex.

Plastic pipes and fittings PPR / HDPE branded VIWAPICO - VINACONEX has been put to use in the work requires high quality as provided and are used in most private companies and central water supply clean water and environmental sanitation in rural areas nationwide, urban project Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh Urban Times City - Hospital Vinmec, resort Vinpearl Land - Nha Trang, the capital Hotels - TP. Ho Chi Minh, Vincom Centrer - Ho Chi Minh, New World Hotel - Ho Chi Minh City Institute of blood transfusion Central School, Hanoi Museum ... With the motto "Quality product and service style is the foundation of sustainable development "VIWAPICO give customers confidence and peace of mind to use the company's products with warranty of 10 years. All inquiries from customers regarding product and sales policy is thoughtful answers.

More than ten years for a development path, VIWAPICO has been extensive distribution network throughout North, regional Ho Chi Minh City, some provinces and cities in central Nghe An, Hue, Da Nang . VIWAPICO is to promote the development of the market and confirms its position in the market of plastic pipes and fittings PPR / HDPE. We are committed to product quality and customer satisfaction by pricing policies, and after-sales service.


Address: Head Office and Factory:
Vinaconex water pipe and fitting joint stock company
Quang Minh Industrial Zone - Me Linh - Ha Noi
Phone : (04)35840986
Technical advice : (04)35840988
Fax : (04)35840982
E-mail : sale@viwapico.com.vnoffice@viwapico.com.vn 
Website : www.viwapico.com.vn