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Product Certificate

WEDnesday - 02/11/2016 22:08
VIWAPICO has applied a quality management system based on ISO 9001-2008 International standard. All of our product manufacturing stages are all followed a strict legislation of International Standard and National Consumer Safety Act.
ISO which stand for International Organisation for Standardization was founded on 1946 and officially operated on 23rd Feb 1947 in order to build a International Standard in any categories of business including Manufacturing, Commercial and Informations.

By succesfully achieved a World Certificate ISO 9001:2008, VIWAPICO had proved that the company's product manufacturing lines and the quality management are all top quality. VIWAPICO had satisfied the strict standard of quality testing for HDPE & PPR pipe and fittings manufacturer.


QUACERT is the third organisation in charge of  testing products/materials and issuing certificate which indicate the product/material are suit enough before installation. All of QUACERT testing are strictly follow the national standard rule in order to ensure the quality and longevity of the product/material. Here are some QUACERT certificate of VIWAPICO




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